Tree Surveys

BS 5837-2012

Recommendations in relation to Design, Demolitions and Construction.

Safety Surveys

Single tree risk analysis for those that have a duty of care for personal and public safety.

Tree Works Programmes

Generated from our detailed tree reports

Tree Reports

Reviews larger populations of trees that require assessment of their condition and future management.

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Tree Reports & Surveys

Tree Reports

  • Individual visual tree assessment
  • Level 3 Inspection (internal) using tomography technology and/or resistograph micro drill for decay detection and data gathering.
  • Risk Assessment methodology derived from International Society of Arboriculture Tree Risk Assessment Form 2017

Tree Safety Surveys

  • Multiple tree stock sites – we can survey anything from a few to several hundred
  • Detailed report with location maps and recommendations for tree management to allow customers to meet their statutory duty of care responsibilities
  • Customers’  Inventory of Trees can be zoned for larger and/or high occupancy sites

Tree Works Programmes

  • Tree Safety surveys can then be used to inform bespoke programmes for High, medium or low risk zones
  • Works specifications written to be compliant with BS 3998: 2010 Recommendations for Tree Works

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